5 Reasons Why We Have to Be EDI Compliant to Dropship in Amazon Dropship Central


Enpedia.net – Are you interested in doing dropship business? Or did you want to develop your current drop ship business even further?

If that is the case, you should consider drop shipping in Amazon Dropship Central. It is the best outlet for drop shipping that all entrepreneurs can try.

However, you have to be EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) compliant so that you can make the most out of that Amazon outlet.

Why do we have to be so then?

Of course, there are some reasons you need to consider here below.

They are something that every drop shipper would benefit from if they sell products on the Amazon.

amazon dropship central reasons

24/7 Support for Every Emergency Needs

Being EDI compliant means, you get EDI provider with reliable support to rely on.

It is one necessary component you will need to have when doing drop ship business.

We are doing business through the online network after all.

It wouldn’t be strange that there is a risk of error late at night.

Can anyone be up and about to fix the problem at such time of hours?

That is why you have EDI provider that comes with 24/7 support model to help you with an emergency hotline.

It is not a simple deal to get.

Don’t underestimate any problem that might appear.

If it is not fixed as soon as possible, you will only get the orders build up, especially during the peak of selling seasons.

Furthermore, with EDI provider, it means that you have both primary and secondary account manager for your account.

Having both managers will ensure more security in particular cases.

Wouldn’t be beneficial for your drop shipping business then?

You have the error and security taken care of properly by EDI provider.

Flexible Access with Internet Connection

Since we are doing online business here, we only have to stay connected to access your software.

However, sometimes you can’t get the access from just anywhere.

Here, Amazon Drop Ship EDI becomes the cloud based solution you need to take care of such problem.

The cloud based EDI model will give you the access to your software anytime and anywhere you want.

You won’t be restricted from the time and the place too.

Such EDI model will also make it possible for you to get access from any device you use to open your software from.

As long as there is an internet connection, you will get the fullest convenience in monitoring and access your drop shipping business through Amazon Drop Ship outlet.

We can expect no less from the cloud after all.

Having it applied in the EDI would make things just become all the easier and more convenient for you.

The access to your software becomes even flexible too.

Branded Packing Slip for Every Order to Ship

Doing drop ship business means that we sell products to others without having to meet them face to face.

It applies even to other drop ship outlets besides Amazon Dropship Central.

Since we make the trade through the digital device, customers would expect detailed shipping information to be informed.

That is why we need packing slip for every order to ship.

No one would want to make the transaction with unclear information after all.

Isn’t that right?

Since you plan on selling on Amazon, you’ve got the packing slip branded as well.

The sheet must include all the sending information, all the products in the package, and pricing information.

That way, you will be able to maintain excellent Amazon customer experience.

EDI solution is capable of producing proper labeling requirements with barcode labels mandated by Amazon to be GS1-128 (UCC-128).

Amazon drop ship packing slip is an important thing you should not forget to take care of.

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Transparent Upfront Costs of EDI Providers

We are using the help of EDI providers here to get through in drop ship business.

Not to mention, they help us in Amazon Dropship Central where we can boost our sales.

Of course, we will have to pay them for their service.

Well, sometimes EDI has hidden costs to charge you with though.

With the sudden boost in sales and more documents to send, you might worry about the total cost to pay.

There is no need for you to worry about it though.

EDI makes it possible for you to see the costs upfront.

That way, you will be able to know just how you are being charged and how you can navigate the pricing.

With the significant boost in sales, it saves you all the trouble by being EDI compliant.

We can benefit much by having a clear understanding of such thing.

Knowing up front will have you prepared of how much money you will have to spend for EDI providers, rather than having to learn it later and surprise us with the number.

Seamless Flow of Documents to the Amazon

Being EDI compliant is more than just logging into vendor portal.

There is more to, in reality, so you need to get it right.

Once you become EDI compliant, there is much you can get from it.

It includes the fact that EDI offers end to end solution for your drop shipping business.

What it can do plays a significant role in the documents flow.

If we have to put it just, the end to end EDI solution offers you the convenience of having full automation.

How does having such thing benefit us anyway?

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The full automation will allow you to flow your documents from your system to Amazon Dropship Central in the seamless way possible.

Of course, it applies the same the other way around.

Since it works automatically, there will be no more need for you to do manual labor of entering data.

It should save you the time and effort to do so.

Also, Entering data manually tends to have a higher chance of errors and chargebacks.

So, having things done automatically should give you none of that.

If you can make things easy and convenient like this, wouldn’t it worth to be EDI compliant?

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