5 Top Wholesale Modern Furniture Dropshippers


Enpedia.net – Today, many people want to start drop shipping business of modern wholesale furniture. In fact, many people always need modern furniture, and they usually prefer buying the wholesale package.

If you are interested in this business, you have to find the best wholesale modern furniture drop shippers.

However, it is not that easy.

If you are confused to find the best suppliers, you can consider the following most recommended drop shippers.



how to dropship ini furniture wholesale supplier


Ashcroft Imports Furniture Co.

This can be considered as one of the best wholesale modern furniture drop shippers because of some reasons.

Firstly, you have to know what they offer.

They offer drop shipping to your buyers well.

Besides, they also offer various container programs from Asia and Turkey.

Then, they are also e-commerce & designer-friendly.

They also have in-stock items so that the product can be delivered directly soon.

To satisfy the customers, they have friendly & helpful CS as well as an easy process of ordering.

To avoid the buyers waiting too long, they offer quick-ship.

The customers can buy any item with no minimum order.

Lastly, the products have the high quality that will satisfy the customers.

About the products offered, we cannot mention one by one.

One of the newest products is Aubry dining table.

Besides that, they also sell Osborne sectional sofa.

Then, Torley side table also belongs to their new products.

The customers can also order triangle dining table.

Another new product available is Ronda dining table.

And there are still many other items that they sell.

So, the customers can choose their desired modern furniture.

Because of that, they are reasonable to be considered as one of the most recommended wholesale modern furniture drop shipping suppliers.

KoKoon Design

KoKoon Design is a new supplier of modern furniture drop shipping.

They are based in Belgium.

More than ten years, they spread around Europe.

The customers mostly come from Krakow, Barcelona, Copenhagen, etc.

They have various collections of modern furniture items.

They have over 500 item groups that include armchairs, lighting fixtures, bar stools, chairs, tables, and there are still many other kinds of modern furniture offered.

Every year, they sell more than 50 items.

To look for the desired items, the buyers just need to visit their official website and then go to the catalog menu.

The customers can search their desired items quickly.

They also have excellent customer service to satisfy the customers when they need to buy modern furniture to them.

If you want to contact them, you can send mail to their address on Avenue du progress, 21, Alleur, Belgium.

Besides that, you can also contact them via email, phone or fax.

If you want to visit their store, the office hours open on Monday to Friday at 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

Anyway; it is reasonable if they belong to top wholesale modern furniture drop shippers.

Furniture Pipeline

The next option is Furniture Pipeline.

They are a supplier of modern furniture drop shipping recommended so much.

They offer the modern-day solution of furniture drop shipping.

With their custom B2b programs, wholesale accounts and drop ship model, they have so many online retailers for the partnership.

They have professional designers and mortar stores that can help them to be one of the biggest wholesale contemporary furniture drop shippers in the world.

Their products have high quality and are environmentally friendly.

They also offer ethical business standards, solid materials and attractive designs to satisfy the customers.

Anyway, the products are very durable.

Even more, they use lightweight materials.

One more that makes they become a recommended supplier is because they offer a limited warranty that protects the items they sell.

Now, they have so many retailers.

Some of the best products they sell include Houston Industrial chic side table, Houston Industrial chic console table, Ames 3-piece industrial chic decorative shelf, Eugene modern industrial bookcase, Berkeley industrial mid-century desk, and there are still many other items they offer.

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VIG Furniture

VIG Furniture is a supplier of modern furniture drop shipping inspired by European design.

They are based in the USA.

They have many products that combine quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and timeless elegance.

They offer various kinds of modern furniture from mid to high-end class.

The modern wholesale furniture is purposed for online retailers, furniture stores, real-estate developers, and interior designers.

Considering the reasons above, they belong to the best wholesale modern furniture drop shippers.

By choosing them as your drop shipping supplier, there will be many benefits.

There is no minimum order of wholesale furniture.

Besides that, their website is always updated.

Then, they also offer quick-ship from Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.

They also have reliable customer service & smooth ordering process.

With in-stock items, they will deliver the products directly soon.

There is a variety of modern furniture offered.

Nova Domus Alan modern drift oak nightstand, Modest Opal modern walnut & gray platform bed, Divani Casa Ansterd modern fabric sofa set, are some of the new items they sell.

So, you can choose your desired new product wisely and carefully.

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Wholesale Interiors

There are many reasons why you should choose them as your drop shipper of modern wholesale furniture.

Firstly, they have so many stocks of items, and they have sold the items to great retailers for many years.

Besides that, they also have a partnership with many drop ship experts.

They offer modern furniture shipping safely and quickly to optimize the customers’ satisfaction.

Then, they also have new traditional & modern furniture that is complete.

Next, they always give categorize the products systematically that eases the customers to search their desired items.

To keep them up to date, they always introduce new products every month.

If you are interested in the partnership with them, you can contact them via email, call, or directly visit 971 Supreme Dr. Bensenville Illinois.

Anyway, Wholesale Interiors can be considered as one of the wholesale modern furniture drop shippers most recommended to you.

If you have a plan to start furniture drop shipping business, you can find the best suppliers above.

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