10 Best Social Worker Degree Online Programs of Various Universities Across the World


Enpedia.net – Adults don’t always have the time to attend to the college campus. Considering the need of minimum licensing threshold for social work specialties, they need to enroll universities and take bachelor’s degree programs. You can rest assured.

Today, there are social worker degree online programs from various universities you can choose. On-campus or online social work graduates are both welcomed in the job market. So, don’t hesitate any longer and take it.

Here are ten best programs you can consider.


1.    Chico State University of California

For the sake of educating up to 16,488 undergrad Wildcats, this university has taken part in certain public system of education for all genders with total endowment of $54 million. This university is just the best to take social worker degree program from. Today, this university is available 67% online.

What to note down about it is that the degree granted by it is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) to be high in quality. Charging $3,513 per semester, it is sure to offer promising online program for Californians.

2.    Utah University of Salt Lake City

Another CSWE-accredited one would be Utah University of Salt Lake City, said to be one of members of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. With total endowment of $1.07 billion, this university has educated as much as 23,700 undergraduates in Utah. They cover the Utes from many urban areas in the city. Of course, it includes online as well.

Its program is conducted through Canvas. There are internship done in the field and thesis made along with it. This university charges you more though, with $3,841/semester.

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3.    Huntington University of Indiana

You’ve got to consider this university as well if you ever want to take its online program of social worker degree. Located on the lakeside and adjacent to the Thornhill Nature Preserve, this university is also one accredited by CSWE. So, you should have nothing to doubt when it comes to its quality.

Huntington University is a member of Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Known to be a private and non-profit one, this university is there to educate more than 1,200 Foresters. This number covers the online ones as well.

4.    St Louis University of Missouri

The next one we have here is a research institution that belongs to the 28-member AJCU. With the total endowment of $1.02 billion, this university is there to educate up to 8,600 numbers of undergraduate in the largest metropolitan area in Missouri and have the online included as well.

The Council on Social Work Education has its program accredited as well. By taking its online institution program of social worker, this university is sure to grant you a hybrid, Bachelor of Science in Social Work even if you take it via online network.

5.    NAU of Flagstaff in the Arizona

This is one popular institution we have here. Coming as another research institution for students of all genders, NAU is there to educate up to 26,500 numbers of undergraduate in Flagstaff of the northern part of Arizona. Of course, it is there to offer social worker degree online programs as well along with it.

Its social work degree accredited by the council has been granted with 120 credits ever since last year. It should have been the best minimum licensing to get with the flexibility of virtual classroom instead of daily on campus meeting.

6.    Alaska University of Fairbanks, US

Even though Alaska University starts its history as agricultural institution, it has now become a famous, public, central research college. Its program covers more than 9,000 numbers of undergraduates in up to 120 disciplines. They cover ones around Bristol Bay and all the way to even the Aleutian.

Just like the others above, it also includes online program for Social Work degree. A choice between having courses online and directly in the home communities are offered for Rural Alaskans. We can expect no less from this one.

7.    Wayne State University of Michigan

Located in the Detroit, Michigan of United States, this institution is another public college to educate students of all genders. Split into up to 13 colleges, this university serves to educate up to 17,600 students who have not yet taken first degree.

Its social worker degree online programs number 380 in total which are all available for both online and on site. What’s great about it is that it offers 60 credit Bachelor of Social Work wherever online works. One among all CSWE-accredited, this is one worth to take the completion program from.

8.    Wesleyan Institution of Indiana

Speaking about the largest member of Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, we have this one as our next choice here. With total million endowment of $146.8, this institution is there to accommodate the education of approximately 10,800 undergraduates in the city of Marion.

They include 15 numbers of regional centers that include online as well. A great number of people have been reported to enroll to it to take its programs, including the ones to get a degree in social work. Its fame sure has been known everywhere.

9.    Washburn University of Kansas

Formerly known as Lincoln College, this university has grown much public institution of CNAHEC. With the total endowment of $156.48 million, it serves to educate more than 6,700 undergraduates in Topeka along with the online ones too of course. Its online courses offer practicum hours that number 480 in total.

Those courses are meant for the completion of the Bachelor of Social Work program. The transfers aimed by this very institution here include ones with 36+ credits. They have to be a minimum of 2.5 overall GPA as well.

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10.    Bemidji State University of Minnesota

The last one to offer social worker degree online programs here was formerly known as state college of teacher way back in 1975. It is a public institution belonging the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

How does it cover?

This university is there to educate up to 5,900 undergraduates with its online and also direct programs in Minnesota. It has online courses to take, 3 times per term to have meeting, and practicum that lasts 480 hours to complete just like the rest.

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