Online Criminal Justice Degree Plans

7 – Nowadays, the cases of criminal are always increased. That is why the profession related to criminal justice is more and more needed. To get that profession, you need to achieve the degree associated with it.

Now, you can get it with online programs. Online criminal justice degree is advantageous to help everyone make the requirement to get criminal justice jobs.

If you are interested in it, you may need to pay attention to the following discussion below.

Will It Improve My Skill?

Good online criminal justice programs should take approach comprehensively to the field. The students will learn about the creating, modifying & eliminating laws procedures at different levels. They also learn the reasons for criminal behavior and also strategies of deterring crime.

The materials are various. The programs may require you to submit assignments, communicate with professors, and also take exams. Current studies usually allow you use the smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other devices in studying.

Anyway, it is fun and very useful to improve your skill and career.

What Careers Will I Get?

If you are interested in studying criminal justice, there will be many jobs recommended for your future careers. One of the most common is law enforcement officer where it requires learning official commission. If you get doctor law degree, an attorney can be an excellent choice of your career.

Besides that, paralegals or other supportive legal personnel can be the alternatives. Also, you can also continue your study to Master’s program based on your desire.

Anyway, there will be many criminal justice degree careers available for you.

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Best Programs of Criminal Justice

What is the best program should you take when following criminal justice degree?

It depends on your desire.

There are many choices available. The schools or campus will help you achieve it. You should also decide it based on the university.

For example, it will be a good idea to join the program of Bachelors of Arts / Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice. It becomes the most favorite program in many universities.

Whatever the program you take, online criminal justice degree will be beneficial to help you achieve your career goal.

Cheapest Colleges for Online Criminal Justice Degree

Many colleges offer affordable costs for degrees of criminal justice. Penn Foster College can be considered as the most affordable one because it only costs 2,074 dollars annually. The degree levels offered include Associate & Bachelors.

On the second rank, there is Aspen University where they only require you spend 3,800 dollars for annual tuition. They offer Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees.

California Coast University also belongs to the most affordable college to study criminal justice program. The annual tuition only costs 4,800 dollars. The degree levels offered include Associate, Bachelor’s, Masters and Certificate.

The next cheap college for online criminal justice degree is Columbia Southern University where the cost of annual tuition is 5,067 dollars. Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are available.

William Carey University can also be a good choice. At this university, you can follow Master’s degree. The annual tuition is at 5,400 dollars.

Another most affordable college for achieving criminal justice degree is Jacksonville State University. There is only Master’s degree available. The annual intuition is 6,915 dollars. You decide to choose your desired college based on your budget and degree level.

The Areas of Criminal Justice

With criminal justice academic title, you can explore many sectors such as society, criminal judicial system, and law enforcement. The areas explored include victims, social policy, security management, police, law enforcement, juvenile justice system, international justice, crime impact, corrections, etc.

Besides that, the programs of criminal justice also cover political issues, multicultural understanding, and statistics & research methods.

About the concentrations of criminal justice, the Bachelor’s Degree includes Police Administration and Operations, Legal Studies and Advocacy, Law Enforcement, Juvenile Justice, Justice Policy, Investigations, Crime & Criminology, Community Justice, etc. So, the jobs depend on your bachelor’s degree.

For example, you can work as CIA agent, Homeland Security agent, ATF agent, INS agent, DEA agent, correction officer, marshal, sheriff, corporate security specialist, detective, or police officer.

The Salary of Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree

The salary depends on the job you work as. Correctional Officer / Jailer commonly earn 46,750 dollars annually. If you become a Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Teacher, you will earn an annual wage at about 67,040 dollars. Detective / Criminal Investigator usually make a more annual salary at around 81,490 dollars. If you want to be the First-Line Supervisor of Police Officers & Detectives, the annual wage will be at 88,400 dollars.

You can also consider being a paralegal that will earn an annual salary at 53,180 dollars. Police / Sheriff’s Patrol Officer can be a good job that makes 62,760 dollars of annual wage. Private Detective & Investigator usually will get 53,530 dollars annually. Probation Officer can earn about 55,380 dollars of annual salary. Transit & Railroad Police usually receives 67,850 dollars annually.

So, you have to choose the program of criminal justice wisely so that you can work at your desired job.

Best Online Criminal Justice Degree

About the program, school’s reputation, quality, and other factors, here are the best options for you.

The best one is the University of Cincinnati – School of Criminal Justice. It is addressed in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Higher Learning Commission accredits it.

Secondly, I recommend you to study at Washington State University – Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology. It is located in Pullman, Washington.

Then, University of Missouri at St. Louis – Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice also belongs to the top options.

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The next recommended option is Pennsylvania State University – Penn State World Campus that is located in University Park. It is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Another best choice is Sam Houston State University –College of Criminal Justice. It is addressed in Huntsville, Texas.

So, if you are interested in online criminal justice degree, you can join one of the best universities above.

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