How Much Does It Cost to Sell on eBay in Total?


eBay is one of the biggest e-commerce websites that are running today. Those who are looking for special yet affordable items usually visit eBay’s site to obtain their desired items. This site also caters buyers from all around the globe. It is no wonder that many merchants choose this virtual market as a platform to sell their goods.

Merchants who are currently using eBay even go as far as saying that this site is better than other e-commerce websites.

If you are interested to sell your stuff on the site you must learn some important issues like how much does it cost to sell on eBay and what is the policy related to selling goods.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell on eBay? Find the Related Factors

How much does it cost to sell on eBay?

Well, the total cost depends on several things. The type of goods being sold on this website can actually affect the total cost.

There are few other reasons that may alter total cost of selling stuff on eBay.

Here is the list of cost components if you are interested in selling on eBay.

1.    Selling Fees

There are some units of eBay seller fees that merchants pay to the e-commerce company. The first fee unit is called listing fee. The listing fee is actually an optional fee.

Depending on whether a merchant has a store or not any type of store that merchant owns, there will be a certain number of free listing that merchant can make in a month period. A merchant who does not own a store will get the chance to publish 50 auction-style or fixed price listings in a month.

Basic store merchant will be able to post 250 fixed price listings and 250 auction-style listings. Premium store merchant can list up to 1,000 fixed price listings and 500 auction-style listings without charge. Lastly, Anchor store owner can post an impressive 10,000 fixed price listings with an addition of 1,000 auction-style listings.

There is also a fee called final value. It is a fee paid to the e-commerce website for its service in helping merchant meet up with a buyer of their goods.

Final value fee is charged whenever merchant’s good is sold. The amount depends on how much buyer has paid for sold goods. It usually includes item handling and then shipping.

Final value fee is about 9% of selling price. When final value fee has reached the maximum amount of $50, a merchant is only required to pay the maximum amount even if the selling price’s 9% part has exceeded $50 value.

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2.    Additional Fees

A merchant can also choose to pay some additional fees to elevate their selling experience at eBay. Some merchants want their listings to be more eye-catching to eBay visitors.

They can employ some upgrades that will make their listings more visible to prospective buyers. Upgrades will enable your listing to be posted in a longer period, allow the customer to reserve price, and even put listing under more categories. However, every upgrade will be followed by an extra charge.

A merchant who needs to promote their products will no doubt think the upgrade fees as investments.

An invoice will be sent to merchant’s bank account (credit and debit card) and the fees are expected to be paid within 10 days period.

Those who use PayPal account will receive a deduction of balance every month within 15 days.

There are also choices for paying with the traditional methods such as money order or cash.

The company recommends merchant, especially those who make the one-time payment, to pay 5 days before due so that the payment will be processed safely.

3.    Payment Service

Payment service can also affect how much does it cost to sell on eBay. eBay merchants and buyers utilize PayPal’s services heavily. It allows instant transactions to be conducted between merchant and buyer.

Payments made through this payment service also tend to be more reliable. PayPal is known for protecting users and merchants’ privacy easily.

Nonetheless, using payment service means that you have to shoulder some fees. PayPal fee ranges from 1.9 to 2.9 percent of total buying fee.

Each sold item will receive 30 cents for any purchased goods.

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4.    Cost of Shipping

Shipping cost definitely needs to be taken into the total value. Shipping fee is added to the total of shipping selling fee.

Seller is recommended to add handling and shipping fee to their total value so that the fee will be covered by buyer. This fee is used to get packaging materials and send the package to buyer’s address.

Those components are what changes the total of how much does it cost to sell on eBay. Knowing the cost components will help merchant planning their finance better.

This platform is definitely still a favorite e-commerce platform and there is nothing wrong with joining other merchants, contributing your unique goods to the market.

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