How to sell on eBay Fast than Anyone Else


In a technological-era like today, everything can finally be done via internet, starting from social activities, communication to commerce activities.

For the latter, there is one website that has proven its reputation as the best provider of third-party buying and selling activities. The name is eBay.
Well, it is the largest and oldest e-commerce provider to date. Surviving for more than 20 years, eBay stands on the foundation of connecting sellers with buyers and building an e-commerce platform that continues to innovate in time.
This is a proof of its existence to be an e-commerce provider that has the best deals among others. But as time goes by, selling stuff on eBay require a lot of efforts, especially if you desire a quick process.
Therefore, along with this line, it will be provided the means on how to sell on eBay fast.


how to sell on ebay quickly


Tips on How to sell on eBay Fast

Along with the easy and secure transactions provided by eBay, it surely incites huge portion of people to sell their things on eBay.
Unfortunately, this activity potentially prevents you, as a seller, from getting enough spotlights needed to promote the stuff.
For that occasion, you need to dig down into various kinds of variables that make the fastest selling items on eBay.

Here’s the list of how to sell on eBay fast.

1.    Research

Do research on your stuff.

Make sure you are well-informed with your goods because oftentimes, “firsthand experience” does not satisfy the buyers.
You also need to pay attention to other people who sell the same things as you.
Take notes on how they promote their goods, what their deficiency and how long it will take for them to sell the item.
Make that information as a tool to publicize your goods.
Make sure you sell it differently than the others.
That’s the key for how to sell on eBay fast.

2.    Maximize your photography game

Another means on how to sell on eBay fast is to make sure the photos of items you want to sell look outstanding.

In order to achieve those qualities, you need to take notes on several things, for example a plain background set-up. It is needed for making your photo seems attractive to buyers.
Pay attention that when your photos are uploaded, they will turn into thumbnail size. Then, you have to set the lightning bright enough so it is able to illuminate your object quite well.
Last but not least, make sure you use tripod for your camera. This is done in order to produce a good and attractive image.
The angle of the photo is also something to be thought carefully. You should pay attention and capture every small detail of the item.
According to some experts, the ideal number of photos required is 8-12 photos.

The main purpose is to provide information as much as possible about the stuff through the photos you provide.

3.    Provide a complete description of your item

Write down a full description of your item. Make sure buyer no longer asks any questions regarding the item.

For buyers, time is money, so make sure you provide clear and thorough information about the item.

As the tips, write a notable description of your stuff with colloquial language to make a friendly and kind impression to buyers.

4.    Offer money-back guarantee

You can offer “Money-back guarantee” if the items you sold doesn’t match the description.

Don’t take any other reasons other than that. It is to prevent scammers from taking advantage of your post.

5.    Free shipping

You can do this if you have calculated all the profits and losses. Apply it to high value and expensive items.

Moreover, free shipping can also provide more trust for your customers, thus leads to a potential repeat order in the future.

6.    Write a well-informed title

The title is also useful to make your items look different from other sellers. Write a title with some keywords that are potentially sought by buyers.

Don’t forget to consider the network of communities and connections that come from your items.

For example, if you sell fiction storybook, you can include keywords such as the writer’s name, “storybooks”, “Fiction”, etc. It will expand the network of buyers made by your book.

7.    Fast response

No matter how thorough and informative your description is, there will always be buyers asking questions.

For that, you should be ready to respond to any inquiries at a moment’s notice.
The longer you ignore their questions, the greater the potential will be for them to skip you and pick another seller who responds faster, instead.
To avoid this, you can also complete your profile page as complete as possible by including contact numbers or emails.
This is how to sell on eBay fast.
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8.    Befriend the online payment service

Online payment service such as PayPal or e-banking can save you from the complexity of doing transactions.

According to the survey, big portion of buyers located in a far different area than the seller.
This is certainly a problem when it comes to cash on appointment.
For that, online payment is the right solution for overcoming the problem.

Make sure the online system you choose is a common one like PayPal.

9.    Master your packing game

When all the transactions are done, another thing that affects your reputation as a seller is your packing ability.

Buyer likes it if the seller knows how to pack. That is also the main thing on how to sell on eBay fast.
Make sure your items do not move as much when packed, so the possibility of dents or rupture can be minimized.
Then, use a lot of foam, tape, and Styrofoam to prevent damage to your goods.

If you use shipping services, make sure they take the items as fragile.

10.    Review and quality control

Bad sellers don’t do an after-sale inspection, and that’s not the way on how to sell on eBay fast.

The inspection that mentioned here is neither something official nor complicated.
You just have to maintain a good connection with buyers.
Do not forget to ask them to make a review or recommendation about you.
The review and buyer recommendations can help to build your reputation for the long term.
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That’s the tips of being a good salesperson, and how to sell on eBay fast.

If you are still confused with the above instructions, just take examples from the pages of big and recommended sellers.
Notice how they give descriptions and photos of their items, and apply it to your own.
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