Turn Unused Stuff at Home into the Best Things to sell on eBay


Surprisingly enough, there are many best things to sell on eBay for those looking to get extra money.

eBay is a multinational electronic commerce company that lets anyone sell their stuff and set the prices too.
It is based in San Jose, California founded by Pierre Omidyar back in 1995.
As of previous 2011, this company-owned operations in over 30 countries as a multibillion-dollar business.
Their website itself is not just a shopping website but also an online auction website where people can browse best selling items on eBay.
It is free to use platform only to buyers, sellers would be charged with fees for selling items.

Charges come after a number of limited free listings and when items are successfully sold.

A List of Best Things to sell on eBay

When planning to become a seller, knowing what best things to sell on eBay are obviously important.

There are tips and guides to follow to become a successful seller and actually earn profits out of it.
Plenty of services are available to be bought through eBay; one of them is event tickets.
Some of eBay best seller products include watches, chest of drawers, shoes, trending fashion items, gadgets, etc.

Here is a list of things best to be sold on eBay.

1. Cords

Anything related to cords, like mobile phone chargers old or new, camera cords, video game power cords, USB cords, and computer cords are shockingly profitable to sell.

They may not be able to make tons of money, but selling every bit of them still counts as something.
Besides, it would be better to sell them out rather than throwing them away for good.
That way, we are making a better use of secondhand items and turning them into something beneficial.
Due to the size of cords tend to be small, they are often easy to pack and ship.
Thus it became one of the best things to sell on eBay.

For a concrete example, a single video game console charging cord can be sold for an amount of $4.00, definitely better than throwing it out.

2. Gift Cards

Another best product sells on eBay would be gift cards, whether it’s for a store, restaurant, or anything else.

For gift cards that we cannot use, they could be re-gifted to someone else, or even better, have it sold on eBay.
As it is also the best things to sell on eBay, partial gift cards will surely work too.

People will still purchase them especially if a seller only has a few dollars left. This is a way to keep those gift cards from being unused and let it sit around for nothing while it may be needed by others.

People that purchase used gift cards have many reasons such as saving up for its value, giving it to someone else, or lives outside a certain country.

For free shipping offer, sellers will need to email buyers the PIN and code.
Be mindful to be precise in terms of how much is still in the gift card.

Some buyers might also ask for a physical gift card.

3. Broken Appliances or Electronics

The best things to sell on eBay is actually broken appliances and electronics.

Things like broken video game consoles, cellphones, laptops, blenders, and others can make quite some money on eBay.
Sellers will need to be clear if an item is not working and only intend to sell its parts.

For those who are particularly skilled, dismantling broken items for their parts and sell it individually, such as vacuums, may be a better alternative.

When sellers are selling devices for its parts, be very considerable regarding personal information, safety, and identity.

Selling an item for its parts means that a seller is taking risks of buyers who might fix that item.
For things that have been used to purchase items online, banking, or anything similar, it’s better to avoid selling them entirely.

4. Old Coffee Mugs

Especially for people who own a lot of coffee mugs, if they are unused, it’s better to just sell them on eBay.

Usually, when people go on trips, they come back with souvenir mugs, or maybe a friend gave it.
Sometimes there are also coffee mugs with names on it, which actually makes it unique.
This item became one of the best things to sell on eBay.

Old coffee mugs are pretty effective to sell on eBay since someplace someone might be interested in it.

People tend to replace their beloved items if they are broken or worn out.

Coffee mugs do not necessarily need to be a collectible or decoration.
An example of a popular coffee mug is commonly old coffee shop mugs.
When visiting a thrift store, you might want to check out mug section, who knows what you might find there.

Instead of getting rid of these old items, make sure to use it to earn extra cash.

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5. Empty Boxes

Even empty boxes will sell well on eBay, depending on what the empty boxes are for though.

Especially for high-end product boxes such as an empty doll boxes, it was sold for a price of $30.00.
These boxes make quite some money because dolls are often archived.
For an example, people that buy used dolls for their children might need those empty boxes to give it a brand new feel.
It’s no surprise that’s it also one of the best things to sell on eBay these days.

Alternatively, selling empty phone boxes, shoe boxes, and any other kinds works too.


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Rather than having to put up a yard or garage sale, it will be easier to sell unused stuff online through eBay.

Before starting to sell, make sure to register as a seller by creating an eBay account online.
From then on, sellers can create their listing by following instructions on eBay page.
Don’t forget to attach pictures of items that will be displayed to sell.
Remember that there are plenty of best things to sell on eBay, so don’t miss the chance to make some money. (af)
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