What is the Best Time to sell on eBay?


eBay is a popular marketplace to sell almost everything. There are various categories to fulfill what sellers and buyers need.

In order to become a good seller, you need to know the best time to sell on eBay. When do you should post auction and end it?
Before finding this answer, you need to know why time and days are important when selling goods on eBay.
There are two types of selling mode: auction and fixed prices. In the auction, you post goods then buyers will bid. It will last for seven to ten days, but you can extend it again as second period.
You need to state opening price then let other to evaluate, estimate, and bid the price. At closing time, seller will decide whether the product is sold or not to the certain buyer.
From this point, posted time and duration are crucial to let others see your product.
If you decide for fixed price, there is no worry about time because it is similar to the regular marketplace.
Buyer can choose whether accept the fixed price or not.

Finding the best time to sell on eBay will involve auction mode, but you may consider for fixed price.

Choosing the Best Time to sell on eBay

1.    Sunday Evening

At the top list, Sunday evening is the most reasonable choice to be the best time to sell on eBay.

It is not just guessing without data or information. Based on eBay traffic, Sunday evening is the peak hour because people stay at home to relax. They have busy day from Monday to Friday, but Saturday and Sunday are the time when they go out with friends or family.
In such time, they only use smartphone or laptop for fun, not serious shopping on eBay.
That is primary reason to put Sunday evening in the first place.

Is it for beginning or closing auction?

This may the next question when you decide to consider Sunday evening. You can use this precious time for starting or closing the auction.
The buyer who sees auction bid will close shortly and there might be interesting bidding at closing time.
On the other hand, the buyer also sees an attractive thing, and the auction is just started.
Tomorrow, he or she does not have a chance to follow and keep on track.
Therefore, bidding will be at the right price because the product is offered at the best time to sell on eBay. You can post between 8 pm and before midnight.

2.    Monday to Friday

Next, the best time to sell on eBay is the days from Monday to Friday.

Why do you choose this period?
There is the simple answer to this question. eBay is a platform for users to create their own shop or store. They do not have to open a physical store with real address. As long as the store is eligible, the virtual one is enough to attract more customers.
In general, store or shop will open from Monday to Friday in real life. Therefore, you do a similar thing on virtual store on eBay.
An opening auction will be Monday and it ends on Sunday. However, there is always new auction and product from business days.
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This period is suitable when the store only has fixed price products. It makes customers find anything easily anytime.
Of course, you can create discount or promotion when buying at the specific time.
As a part of the best day to listing product on eBay, it is better to put Monday and Friday as the main days. New product is displayed at Monday then you can update it again on Friday.

During Tuesday to Thursday, you only need to maintain product rating in order to be on the top list.

3.    Saturday

From the previous explanation, Saturday does not favorable as the best time to listing on eBay.

In such day, people might be busy not at office or workplace, but refreshing or hang out with friends. They want to relax but do not mind for anything fun.

eBay has many categories, and the certain category is good to choose for displaying auction.

It may relate to fun or interesting activities such as hobby, sport, art, gardening, reading, and entertainment.
You can go to sport or gym during Saturday while enjoying the interaction with other. This is a good time to promote sport-related products.

In Saturday, staying at home is preferable for few people. In this day, you can read a new book, and eBay is a good place to look for your favorite ones.

4.    Midnight auction

eBay is available in many countries in Europe, America, and Asia.

Your customer comes not only from your own country but also others. This is where the time comes as crucial matter and finding the best time to sell on eBay determines everything.
Each country has different local times.

Another time to consider is midnight auction.

At your local time, only few eBay users will be online at such period.
On the other, there is an opportunity to look for other local times that have time difference for four or five hours from yours.
Therefore, you do not have to worry when deciding to open bid at midnight. It depends on your target locations.
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5.    Other holidays

Each country has different holidays, but there are some of them that similar each other. It is another top choice for the best time to sell on eBay.

You can sell the product at Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year.
In those times, people will spend more time for shopping. It is busy period that cannot be ignored, particularly for eBay seller.
You may also consider seasons such as spring, summer, autumn, and winter when put auction on eBay. In specific countries, there are holidays related to such seasons, even longer than the regular one.
This is an opportunity to obtain more profits and better price for products.

You have your own way to decide which day and time as the best for selling on eBay.

Choosing time is only small part of the method to gather more attraction and customers.
You need to consider traffic, browsing preference, demographic, and category.
One category on eBay has many sub-categories that can be chosen to get specific customers.
It is better to start from niche market because of much interest to specific products, including auction process.

Well, the best time to sell on eBay is at your hand to choose and decide. (af)

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