7 Steps on How to Selling on eBay


Internet becomes a platform that expands marketplace from on-site to the online system.

Today, you can find several digital marketplaces to sell and buy products whether the new or secondhand one.
If you intend to sell anything, eBay is the top choice at all.
You may ask how to selling on eBay?
This is the first question that comes to mind for everyone who still new on this field.

To sell or purchase, you need the basic information and try to follow it.

The Easy Step on How to Selling on eBay

eBay uses two options for selling products: auction and Buy It Now.

An auction has a term up to ten days with a chance to extend it.
If choosing auction, the seller must determine the base price and other terms related to the auction process.
Meanwhile, the second way is Buy It Now as similar to normal trading on the market. You sell at the fixed price and wait until people buy it.
Both methods are important before exploring the steps of how to selling on eBay.

Let’s check the further details on below sections.

1.    Creating an account and set up the profile

The first thing to do is eBay account.

You need a device, such as a laptop or smartphone to access eBay then create an account.

After visiting the official website, explore each section and category then click all menus.

How to list on eBay?

You cannot list unless understanding every part on eBay.
Account and profile will be your store or shop.
Choose a proper name and use the active email. The name is crucial because it represents yourself in this marketplace. In general, eBay gives a member a flexibility to choose any name as long as they follow the name requirements.

After that, you need to set up a profile, such as adding the description, photo, contact information, and related things before ready to sell.

2.    Market research and preparing product

Before going further on how to selling on eBay, you should know what type of product that you sell.

It is a tricky question because eBay has many categories and each of them has its own popularity index.

As a beginner, market research is necessary because you will enter the vast marketplace with tons of seller and huge buyers. The research also gives consideration to your product to fit into eBay community.

It starts with what you know and wants because it will be easy for preparing the products. You can prepare product for what you have at home.

At first released, eBay was a place to sell the used or secondhand items. You can sell an item that’s no longer in use at home.

3.    Photos and product description

The next steps are about photo and description.

People only see products via their gadget on eBay catalog.

To attract more potential buyers, you need photos and excellent description. Moreover, the photo is an obligatory requirement for all sellers when listing product. Just capture every part of your product using HD camera.

Moreover, the description has to be precise or accurate. You should use proper words and keep them as simple as possible.

The main goal of description is that buyer knows everything about the product. The description and photos go side by side as the key in a digital marketplace.
You also need to explain any broken or defect area alongside its photo.

When asking about how to sell products on eBay, make sure to put everything on the photo and the description sections.

4.    Price

As explained in the early paragraph, eBay provides two options for selling products. You can choose to Buy It Now or Auction then determine the product’s price.

Buyer will compare one product and others to get the cheapest product with top quality. If you are new, the price range should be at the same level as competitors do. It works when the product is common or not quite specific.
The price for auction will decide buyer to approach. You also add the price for Buy It Now in order to give a chance when the buyer wants to get the product immediately.
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5.    Shipping and payment

eBay is available in several countries. Before listing product, a seller will add shipping information to give the clear rules for buyers.

Some products are not eligible to send from one country to another. Besides, you may lose a chance for other buyers from the different country because of adding limited shipping option.
The payment on eBay consists of several methods and seller should have all of them for the transaction process.
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6.    Promotion and feedback

Well, the key in the digital marketplace is trust. The first buyer determines everything because feedback is important to build the reputation.

Before becoming a seller, you can buy the product from the other buyers then give reputation. Feedback from seller and buyer is important to maintain it on the top list. The feedback also increases promotion that acts as a free advertisement.
In fact, the internet changes many things, including the way people buy and sell.
You cannot just wait for buyers to come to the store, but expand it into the digital world.
All the steps about how to selling on eBay above give the basic starting point to earn more money.
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