How to Find a Seller on eBay, Distinguishing Between Good and Bad?


eBay is the largest e-commerce and trading site today. Since it was built in 1996, eBay already has total assets reaching 25 billion dollars. It has been named as the most trusted site in buying and selling affairs and auctioning of goods.

Adopting a vision trusted by the discoverer, eBay stands on one main task, namely connecting between seller and buyer through various means. It is its duty to facilitate the path of two sides.
However, due to its high reputation that reaches multi-national scale, it will be difficult for eBay to connect the users personally to one another.
Therefore, the ability of how to find a seller on eBay is needed for accessibility between sellers and buyers.

Therefore, the communication can flow both ways.

Determining Types of Figuring out How to Find a Seller on eBay

Based on user experience and reviews, sellers on eBay have a wide variety. However, there are actually two lines that separate between sellers, which are good sellers and bad sellers.

A good seller is administratively incorporated into recommended categories. This type of seller account is typically owned by a corporation or group, very rarely owned by an individual. This is because, to be a good seller you have to pay attention to many things, such as transaction security, completeness of advertising information, good customer service, etc.
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Best time to sell on eBay

For bad sellers, you have to be careful and recognize them long before you trade. They usually have a variety of obvious criteria even when you see the ads. They are usually not serious in selling goods, expecting their goods to be sold out quickly, not communicatively or even selling deceit goods.

In order to avoid bad sellers and find the good ones, first you have to master the art on how to find a seller on eBay.
The following will show you some powerful ways to find your favorite seller.

•    The first thing you should do is remember or record the seller ID. If you have an Idler seller, then the next step will be much easier.

•    You should go to the search bar located at the top of eBay website.

•    Then, just click “advanced search” that’s around the search bar.

•    After that, some options will drop down automatically. You can select “by seller”.

•    Then will appear mini search bar, and you can directly enter the seller ID there.

•    If you do not remember or are vague, you can use “show close ID matches” feature with the ticking box next to it.

•    Finally, click the “search” button.

Easy, isn’t it?

You just need to select or recall based on the image and description of goods from the seller. You don’t need to ask yourself, “how do I search for a seller on eBay?” anymore.

Once you find the seller you are looking for, you just click the name of the account to enter into seller’s page. There will be displayed items that have been and are being sold by the account. There are also track records, contact info, and status of the seller, so you can easily ascertain whether it is a good one or not.
If you cannot remember clearly the seller ID, then you do not need to worry too much because seller ID is a bit unique. There are very rare cases where two sellers have an identical ID.
Therefore, to figure out how to find a seller on eBay and determine which one is good, there are some criteria you should know.

Here’s the explanation.

1.    Photos

Good sellers always provide clear and large numbers of photos.

The majority of sellers even create the same background for various items.
If there is a seller who does this, certainly he has intention of selling the product.
It’s different from a bad seller who usually only includes one photo that’s unclear or blurs.
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2.    Description

The good sellers always give a very informative and interesting description of the item. They will try to string up the words as dense and attractive as possible in order for potential buyers to be interested in the goods.

In addition, if the goods sold condition is not 100%, they will also mention it in the description. This is to prevent miscommunication from potential buyers of fraud.

3.    Contact info

Moreover, the good sellers always provide the complete contact info.

There is at least a phone number or email that can be contacted.
Contact info is expected to be active at least on business hours. This is also included in seller rules that have been made by eBay.

Well, that’s how to find a seller on eBay, especially the right one. eBay is trying hard to connect sellers with buyers.

However as a buyer, you should also try as much as possible to find a recommended seller with sufficient track record, so the goods you buy have a credibility that can be trusted. (af)


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