How to Make Money in Blade and Soul Effectively?


Blade and Soul is an online game from South Korea which has reached stable fan base in this country.

This game incorporates roleplay elements and customizable features that thrill every gaming fan out there.
It shows off Chinese style martial arts at its finest.
Even if the game is fulfilling as it is, you can obtain money from your gaming activities.
How to make money in Blade and Soul efficiently?
Just check the next explanation.

How to Make Money in Blade and Soul for Players?

Generating money from various online activities is very common these days that some people are even making it their main job.

Making money through gaming is indeed different than other methods of earnings.
The process will be super fun.

Let’s learn how to generate money within the game as its game players.

1. Completing Daily and Weekly In-game Challenges

There are gamers who can get more than a hundred gold every day.

The big tip is completing daily or weekly quests assigned by it.
The player will be asked which dungeon that they want to complete the quest in.

Certain dungeons will demand high combat power from its player, which is why leveling up skills is something you need to do.

2. Managing Dungeons Operation

You can learn how to make money in Blade and Soul by managing dungeons operation.

Finding various quests is possible when the player is running a dungeon.
Each dungeon has specific items and its own bosses.

The player can receive gold by selling items that they obtain in the game.

3. Making Items from Available Materials

Can the player make in-game gold using materials that they have collected throughout game playing?

You can actually convert materials into certain items that people will need in order to complete their quests.

These items can be offered in the market to other players in exchange for gold.

It is recommended to craft items that are highly looked for by other players to receive more gold.

It is important to know, however, that this function is fairly limited.
Converting every material you find into certain items is at times not possible.
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4. Grinding Gold Your Own

How to make money in Blade and Soul quickly?

Well, you can grind your own gold.
There are certain professions that will allow the player to generate gold faster.
The first profession is Merry Potters which is offered in lower levels.

These potters are able to make bowls, jars, and special items.

Their crafts are useful, especially for completing Wind Walking challenge.

The other profession is called Evolution Stones which is offered to higher level players.

The task of people in this profession is collecting exotic and conventional gems.

5. Selling Products at Auction

Another way on how to make money in Blade and Soul is to auction weapons and other interesting items.

This auction actually happens across the server. It means that the market is quite broad.
There will be higher chance that your items will be sold.
If you are selling rare findings, you will most likely earn high profit.

As you can see, the current system being used within the game is called gold.
Players are completing quests and creating in-game items to collect as much gold as possible.
Because you have learned how to obtain in-game gold, perhaps you have another question: can you make real money from the gold that you have gained?
The gold can actually be converted into virtual coins.

These coins can be exchanged with real money.

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You can learn the tips on how to make money in Blade and Soul above.
If you are interested in releasing stress and making money at the same time, this is certainly a delightful solution. (gk)


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