How Does GitHub Make Money? Check the Answer


You might be wondering ‘how does GitHub make money’ because all these programmers never seem to do any physical work, yet their income remains stable. First of all, it must be understood that developing programs need more knowledge than it seems like. No wonder that it is also a profitable source of income.

Whenever someone downloads sample codes from programming tutorials, that individual will most likely be redirected to GitHub. If you want to try open source software such as Twitter Bootstrap, you will also be directed to the GitHub website.

So, what exactly is GitHub?
It is hosting software for open source projects which utilizes “Git” revision control tool system. Git is the tool to do code revisions, and GitHub acts as the web host. In conclusion, GitHub is like a social media platform for software developers.


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Answering the Question: How Does GitHub Make Money?

There are several sources of GitHub income. Some are obvious, but the others are less obvious.

What are they and how significant are these factors?

Let’s find out.

1. The Beginning

GitHub has actually begun earning money since it was launched because many users have paid for their plans, but there is not so much work to do because the number of users has not grown rapidly. So, the first answer to how does GitHub make money is because they have attracted many users since the beginning to build their assets to this day.

Another reason behind how does GitHub make money is because GitHub got an investment from Andreessen Horowitz, which makes GitHub grow rapidly.

2. Individual Plans

Individuals and businesses can get various plans from GitHub, with the most popular one being the monthly plan. In order to get these plans, of course, users have to pay an amount of money – the sum depends on the plans they choose.

The most affordable plan is called micro and users can get it for $7 each month. And there are more plans namely small, medium, and large. The Large plan gives users fifty private repositories each month by paying fifty dollars. Considering that the users come from different backgrounds with different needs, another answer to how does GitHub make money is by receiving payment from its users.

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3. Organization Plans

Other than plans offered to individuals, GitHub also offers plans for teams, which are worth even more than the individual plans. The prices of these types of plans offered by GitHub starts from $25 for the Silver plan which gives the buyer ten private repositories each month.

The most expensive plan among the organization plans is the platinum plan, where users can get 125 private repositories a month by paying $200. Considering the price of these business plans, there is no doubt that GitHub can make such a huge amount of money.

4. Additional items

When users already subscribe to one plan but they feel like the storage and bandwidth just are not enough for their projects, they can buy additional 50 gigabytes for $5. Although this amount might not seem much, the number of users who might need it will make this amount increase rapidly and it will add profit to GitHub.

5. GitHub Enterprise

This is another service offered by GitHub. Any team of developers can use and manage this service depending on their needs. This package is offered at $2.500 for ten members per year and brings benefit to both GitHub and users because it provides many types of support.

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Now that you have got the answers to “How does GitHub make money”, you don’t need to wonder anymore. With an annual growth of 300 percent, there is no doubt that GitHub is a very successful business.

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