3 Ways to Get Motivated Before Starting a Business


Before starting a business, we need motivation – so that our activities can be maximized. Keep our motivation very high, so that the business we run can be total.

For our motivation to get more reliable in starting a business, there will be explained about the three best ways to get motivated before starting a business.

1. Listening to the story of successful entrepreneurs

The first way to gain motivation is by listening to the story of successful entrepreneurs.

Usually, the success story tells about the entrepreneur’s struggle in building his business from scratch.

There are many obstacles and difficulties that he faced until finally reaching success.

From the success story, you can get inspiration for hard work and long process before success.

Nothing is instant in achieving success.

Everything takes a long process, and it should be ready for you before starting the business.

2. Attend a business motivation seminar

The next way to get motivated in doing business is to attend a business motivation seminar in your city.

In business seminars, much of it deals with the formation of the right mindset in business. And also the words of motivation from the motivators who can convince you to become an entrepreneur immediately.

Based on my experience who had attended a business seminar, a lot of motivational words from the motivator that makes me more confident to be an entrepreneur.

The motivator endlessly gave us suggestions that we immediately resign from where I work and immediately start my own business.

There is a sentence that I have never forgotten at that time, the sound is:

“God creates human with expensive limbs, and no one sells it, even if it is appreciated, maybe the price of our legs can reach trillions, then why do we want our limbs disorder from morning to evening (even tonight), just to Several hundred dollars a month? “

3. Your financial condition is down

The best motivation comes from yourself.

Especially if you are in a bad financial condition, then you have a high motivation to change your life.

The ‘how to change life’ is to become a successful entrepreneur.

You will struggle hard for success – to improve your financial condition.

You will be ready to go through a lengthy process, before becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Yes, it’s all thanks to your difficult financial circumstances – indirectly a high motivation – to start a business immediately.

The question now is, do you already have a high motivation before becoming an entrepreneur?

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(Source: onlenpedia.com, edited by Ajie Fabregas)

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