How to Start Small Business with “Small Money”?


Many people dream of being successful. One is successful as an entrepreneur.

However, problems arise when he/she does not have much money capital to start a business.

Therefore, here will be discussed how to start a business with small capital.

However, before discussing it, you need to know one thing.

Every big step must be preceded by small steps first. That’s true also in business, where you can start your business with a small business first.

It is also good for you (especially) who has a little capital but want to start a business soon.

You need to know, in the capital money business is important, but NOT the most important.

The ‘real money’ in starting a business is the power of Mentality that READY to work hard.

It’s often the case, some people in business with significant capital just FAIL because ‘the business mental’ is not available.

Conversely, not a few businessmen who started his business with small capital, but it turned out to be successful.

Do you already understand?

For those of you who only have a mediocre capital, you should start a small business first.

And the following will be outlined three steps to get started!

1. Choose the right business (according to expertise and capital)

Before you start your business, there is one important thing that you must understand correctly.

‘The right business selection’ is the key to the success of your business. And this is usually done at the beginning before running a business.

You must be careful in choosing the right ‘business type’ for you to run, so as not to ‘regret later.’

If you are wrong in the choice of business, then you will be stuck in the ‘wrong business circle.’ Just a matter of time, then your business will fail.

How to choose the right business?

Follow the steps below:

– Pick a business that people need (try to relate to basic human needs)

– Choose a good business for the long term)

– Pick a business that is not affected by the economic crisis

– Choose a business that matches the capital money you have

– Identify the business you will want – whether it is in line with your local market – or not.

After you apply the five steps above, do not wait for another time – get ready to act.

Remember, success will not happen if you just ‘plan’ – without doing ‘action.’

2. Do your business from home (if you can not afford to buy/rent shop)

Have you chosen the right business for you to run?

Now it is time to decide where to run the business you are going to run.

If you run a business with little capital, then the place you do business should be cheap (or free).

Why do not you run a business from home only?

Yes, from your own home!

Do not underestimate a business done from home.

Microsoft, Apple, and Google are examples of companies formerly run from home garages.

Now, look how successful the three brands are.

In running a home business, you do not have to make significant innovations like what Bill Gates and his friends did.

You only run a straightforward and simple business but can make money.

What are the examples?

Here I recommend a simple business example that you can run at home:

– online business (drop ship, blogging, youtube, affiliate, online shop, etc.)

– catering business (culinary)

– graphic design business

– Massage services

– electronic equipment service

– installation services and air conditioning services

– Broker/broker


3. Do marketing through the internet

You have run a business with small capital and done from home, then how to market your business?

If you live in the ’80s -‘ 90s, it’s hard to promote a home-run business.

Fortunately, you live in the millennial era – where almost anything can be done via the internet. It also applies regarding your business promotion, namely by utilizing the media.

You can promote your business with two methods, such as:

a. Free promotion

– Facebook
– Instagram
– Pinterest
– Snapchat
– Free blog (Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly, etc.)
– Whats App
– Messenger

b. Paid promotion

– Facebook Ads
– Google Adwords
– Twitter Ads

Being an entrepreneur is not difficult, but also not easy.

But sometimes there are some people who ‘complicate’ themselves to start a business immediately, with a small capital reason – so he/she always delay for action.

In fact, with minimal capital – they can start a small business, which is necessary to produce.

Remember, significant steps always start with small steps.

So, do not ever hesitate to start a business – even if it starts with a small business.

(Source:, edited by: Ajie Fabregas)

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