Learn More about the SoFi Affiliate Program


If you are looking for some information about the SoFi affiliate program, then we have all the information that you need.

What is it?

Well, it is actually a program which grants you access to a new kind of a finance company.

What makes it better is that it also offers a 30-day cookie duration. If you are still not sure whether you must choose this program or not, then you can read our review below.


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SoFi affiliate program


Should You Choose a SoFi Affiliate Program?

Before you can decide whether you must join this SoFi affiliate program, let’s take a good look at its benefits and drawbacks. We hope that our review here will help make a good decision.

Benefits of a SoFi Affiliate Program

The following are some benefits that you can get if you join this program. All benefits listed below are specifically designed for students who want to reach their goals.

Financial Advisor

The first benefit that you can consider is the Financial advisor. What is it? It is a program which is designed to help you reach your goals effectively. You will receive an access to complimentary guidance from reputable financial advisors. They will support you so that you can take the best action.

Unemployment Protection

The next benefit that you can get is that you can also ensure that you will be protected if something bad happens. In fact, this program will temporarily pause your payments so that you can find a solution and get things back on track.

Career Services

One of the best things that you can get from a SoFi program is that you can get an access to their career services. These services include one on one career coaching, a personalized strength assessment, and resume parsing technology.

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Member Discount

Once you have become a member then you will also receive other benefits that are only available for members. For example, you can also get a member discount. Using this discount, it also means that you  can save more money in the future. It is definitely a good thing that makes Sofi Programs stand out from the rest.

Referral Program

The next thing that can be considered is the referral program. What is it? It is a unique program which allows you to get paid up to $300 for every referral who becomes a member. In addition, your friend will also receive $100.

Community Events

What do you know about community events? If you have never heard about these events, then you must know that these events are designed to help you find a community like you. Using these events, you can find lots of new things from educational events to happy hours. Remember that these events are very precious, thus you shouldn’t miss it.

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The Bottom Line

You have learned how helpful it is if you join this program. But you must ask yourself whether this program has features that can accommodate your needs. If you need some help, simply visit their official website and you can find more info about this Sofi affiliate program.

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