A Guide of How to remove eBay Negative Feedback?


Enpedia.net – Ever saw feedback ratings with numerous amounts of negative feedback?

Hope yours won’t ever turn like that. Despite this, you can’t deny that maintaining a full one hundred percent of positive feedback is extremely hard. It is harder even when you start dealing with hundreds or more of transactions per week.

So, how to remove eBay negative feedback?

You wondered out loud.

Well, that is not an odd thing since the aftermath of getting negative feedback on eBay is a lot more severe than you previously thought. The first case, your store will be deemed as not trusty enough. The second case, you will lose your buyers. In addition, the soon-to-be buyer would not even any attention to your products anymore.

The Effective Steps on How to Remove eBay Negative Feedback?

Now, how to remove eBay negative feedback? First things first, instead of jumping into the most instant solution, it is the better to consider the other alternatives in removing eBay negative feedback.

1. Clarification

As information, you should know by now that there are two kinds of negative feedback; first, those which are left by mistake, and second, those which are left on purpose. You have no idea how many of eBay buyers who are totally okay and extremely felt good with the purchase but accidentally click the other buttons (neutral or negative).

Now, whichever the negative feedback is, the most suitable thing to do is to ask for a clarification to your buyers. Well, it is more than likely for your buyers to revise their feedback if they, indeed, left it by mistake. However, it is less than likely for you to get a response if the buyer left the negative feedback on purpose.

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2. Execution

After you are done with the whole clarification things, you can proceed to execute the next plan. There is no other option to the plan if the buyer left a negative feedback accidentally since they will revise the feedback and all.

However, if they left them on purpose without giving you any heads up, then how to remove eBay negative feedback? Obviously, reporting the feedback is the plan you need to execute. For your information, by using report feedback page of eBay, you can immediately fill the comment box about the situation you have trouble with and let the representative of eBay handle it.

3. Terms and policy

What you need to note in this tutorial is the fact that there are some terms and policies set by eBay to process your request. Just make sure that your condition fits one of the terms set by eBay then you are okay to go.

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So, how to remove eBay negative feedback? Among several terms, the most commonly used case in the negative feedback is the case where the feedback you received contains inappropriate—profane, obscene, vulgar—and rude comments that it violates the policy of eBay feedback. The buyers usually leave the seller a negative feedback while dropping another store’s link to buy from. (gk)

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