Do You Know How to Work Out eBay and PayPal Fees?


Being sellers in eBay is quite interesting things to do. This can bring some good profits when you can sell some items. Moreover, eBay is not like common online stores where you have to sell specific stuff. In this platform, several unexpected and unique items can be sold, and it seems that there will always people interested in them. Before going further, do you how to work out eBay and PayPal fees? That is one point to consider when you want to be a seller on eBay and use PayPal.

The Important Things to Work Out eBay and PayPal Fees

Sellers cannot just ignore the fees of eBay and PayPal. The fees can be quite problematic to count your profit, so it must be included in the process of setting prices. Moreover, it seems that refunding items will not cancel the fees. That’s why this part must get special attention.

Of course, some may say that eBay and PayPal are tricky to set the fees. But actually, it is a normal thing. You and other sellers are using their service and even get money from them. Therefore, they also have a kind of rights to set fees. This is more about mutualism. Yet, you need good consideration to make it into real mutualism.

To help sellers in figuring out the fee, eBay has created a calculator to count the final fees. This is the best solution when you ask how to work out eBay and PayPal fees? To use this tool, here are the steps of using the calculator.

1. Choose category

Each item will have category and it seems the different rate of fee is applied. In the first step, you must choose category and subcategory of the item to sell. If you have no idea about subcategory, set it similar to the main category.

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2. Insert the price

In this process, you should input each item. You only need to input item that you want to sell. If you have many items, you need to do this step based on the numbers of the item.  Choose the fixed price since you cannot make a range of price.

3. Set shipping cost

In eBay, you have the option of free shipping. This can be chosen but you need to make some clear considerations. If it deals with electronics or fragile stuff, free shipping is not recommended. That’s why you need to set the shipping cost.

4. See the results

In this result, you will see the details of the fee set by the platform. In the case of eBay, there are some fees and you can see each amount based on its type. Then, in the end, you will see the total fee and you do not have to ask how to work out eBay and PayPal fees?

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By following the steps and information above, you will have no problem in dealing with fees of eBay and PayPal. Although it may be complicated, the calculator will provide a fast and easy solution. So, you have nothing to worry when asking “how to work out eBay and PayPal fees?” (gk)


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