How Many eBay Listings per Month and Per Day? Here is the Answer


The question of “how many eBay listings per month and per day?” is asked quite often. It is believed that right now eBay is one of the biggest e-commerce websites around the world. Selling your stuff and products using eBay is going to make them get sold even quicker. Moreover, eBay also provides auctions that many people love to get involved.

To sell stuff on eBay, you cannot do it just randomly. There is a certain limit called listing. This listing determines how many items you can sell on your eBay page. Learn about the listings down below to answer that particular question.

how many ebay listings per day

Knowing eBay Listings per Month and Per Day

1. The Answer of “How many eBay listings per month and per day?”

When you use eBay for free, the listings that you can get are 20 per month. It means the listing is less than once a day. The monthly allowance can be increased by paying some money to eBay. You will learn more about it in the next section. The free listing does not come with any premium features, such as the HD pictures and option button of “buy it now”.

It is clear now that the answer to “how many eBay listings per month and per day?” is 20 per month. If you do not think that 20 listings will be enough for your business, go get the premium plan, such as eBay Plus. If you do not want to take any plan, the listing can still get enhanced by paying an insertion fee. It is a fee for each item people sell on eBay when 20 free listing allowances are entirely taken.

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2. Increasing the Selling Limit and Listings on eBay

Increasing the selling limit on eBay is essential, especially for those who sell items quite frequently. To increase the limit and listings, from 20 to 40-50 listings per month, the seller needs to go to the Seller Hub section. It can be found after you log in to your account and go to the Seller Dashboard section. There, there is an option of “Request a Limit Increase”.

Hit this button and there will be some following process you need to get through before getting the selling limit increased. The procedures are including providing more detailed information about yourself, such as contact details, business profile, specific address, and many more. After providing the required information, usually, the selling limit will be increased soon. This way, you do not have to worry about “how many eBay listings per month and per day?” anymore.

Now, you know how many eBay listings you are allowed to use every month. If you can manage the account wisely and want to spend some money to increase selling limits, sell lots of items on that site and gain numerous profits.

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Well, it is very important for everyone to know the regulation of selling the item at eBay, so they will have the right plan of what to sell and how many to sell. Hopefully, by understanding the question of “how many eBay listings per month and per day?” above, your business is going to be smoother. (gk)


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