The Fact and Answer of “How to Cancel eBay Plus Membership?”


If you ask “how to cancel eBay Plus membership?” you can find the answer down below.

However, before getting to that particular point, let’s talk about eBay Plus first. As we know, eBay is the e-commerce website where anyone can sell the stuff or buy anything using the internet.

Well, eBay is basically free. Even so, some basic features seem to be not enough for many sellers, especially the ones with bigger selling scale. This’s why eBay Plus exists.

For your information, eBay Plus is the premium feature where its members can get bigger selling limit, free delivery, and many more benefits. It costs approximately $49 per month. Even though the exclusive features are indeed very tempting, a lot of people do not want to pay for more. It becomes common to find the members of eBay Plus planning to quit the subscription.

How to do that?


tutorial to cancel ebay plus membership


The Answer of How to cancel eBay Plus Membership

1. The Way to Cancel eBay Plus Membership

Canceling eBay Plus membership can be done at any time. You do not have to wait for your payment cycle or membership period is over. All you need to cancel the membership is just logging in to your eBay account and then go to eBay Plus membership page. This is the beginning of how to cancel eBay Plus membership?

On the page, you can see there is an option “Cancel”. Click “Cancel” option to basically stop becoming a member of eBay Plus. After you click that option, there will be some confirmations that you have to do. Just go through every confirmation if you 100% want to quit eBay Plus.

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2. What Happens When You Cancel the Membership?

When the membership is canceled and you are still on membership period, you will still receive the benefits of eBay Plus. However, once the period is over, you won’t get them anymore. This is why asking about “how to cancel eBay Plus membership?” is not actually necessary.

One of the biggest examples is that eBay Plus members get some privilege of free delivery and returns. If you want to shop at eBay, you can ship the stuff right to your address for free. There will be no delivery fee as well as shipping fee charged to every transaction.

If you do not like the stuff or want to complain and return the stuff, you can also send them back for free. Quitting the membership means you will not get this special feature anymore. In addition, you do not get the other benefits like exclusive discounts, special promotions, and premium customer service.

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It is quite easy indeed to cancel the membership of eBay Plus and stop being the member. If you plan to use eBay professionally for a long time, however, there is no point of quitting eBay Plus. It has lots of beneficial and exclusive features that can ease the way you do business on this platform.
Therefore, it is quite important and you should never ask about how to cancel an eBay Plus membership? (gk)

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