How to Find Supplier to Dropship on eBay? Here is the Easiest Way


Starting a dropship business on eBay is the right way to initiate your business. There are many aspects to consider when starting the dropship business, one of which is finding reliable suppliers. The suppliers are essential since they are from whom you sell the products.

How to find a supplier to dropship on eBay?

It is actually quite tricky to find a trustworthy supplier that makes your dropship business run well. Nevertheless, it does not mean impossible. The following methods are recommended to find a supplier for eBay drop shipping.

How to Find Supplier to Dropship on eBay? Follow the Steps

Before finding the right supplier, surely you have to decide what kind of products you will provide on eBay. For example, you are going to sell gadgets or computer-related products. Thus, you have to source a supplier for those items. To start finding the best supplier on eBay, you can follow these steps.

1. Open your eBay account and search as if you are a buyer. Choose the category according to your desired items and choose New items.

2. Change the supplier filter into from around the world. This helps you find a supplier from anywhere outside the US.

3. Sort the prices into the “lowest price + shipping” because you are going to resell the product. However, sometimes the supplier offers a different price for drop shipper.

4. Choose “Buy it now” to avoid auction sales.

5. After the page display several choices of sellers, you need to go over the suppliers from the lowest price. Pay attention to how the suppliers provide information on the available products. You also need to see the feedback. If they are good, it indicates the supplier is trustworthy. In addition, check out the number of recent sales they make.

6. After you have found a potential supplier, contact him through eBay or provided contact information. Tell them that you are interested to be a drop shipper for their products.

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How to find a supplier to dropship on eBay?

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The thing to note, this might be against eBay’s policy because you make a deal outside of eBay. The e-commerce will not get a fee from this deal, therefore you need to be careful when contacting. It is okay to find the contact from eBay, yet it is recommended to have a conversation outside the site. Even though it is quite tricky, this is worth trying as the steps are quite effective in finding a potential supplier for drop ship on eBay.

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In shorter words, starting dropship business on eBay is not as easy as snapping your fingers. You need more research, especially to find the right products as well as suppliers. Since your suppliers will be your greatest partner to run a dropship business, it is necessary to get the right one. Do not reluctant to find suppliers from different countries because it is sometimes worth your effort. How to find a supplier to dropship on eBay? If you are looking for the best supplier for drop ship on eBay, you can visit the supplier directory site >>


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