Salehoo Dropship Review: Service Offerings and Other Features


Online shopping has become a promising line of business. The number of people who prefer shopping through the World Wide Web is comparable to those who choose offline shopping. The online seller can choose between varied business approaches, one of them is dropshipping. However, finding a trusted supplier can be a difficult task. Comparing one to another directory is really important. Salehoo dropship review will be discussed thoroughly in this article so aspiring sellers will get a better idea on how this major wholesale company works.

Salehoo Dropship Review in Several Aspects

Salehoo is a wholesale supplier directory which is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was established in 2005. This company offers product resourcing at a very competitive cost. Below is the review for this company’s service based on several aspects.

1. Service Categories

There are five main categories of services that user can find in its website. Wholesale Suppliers category lists companies that can supply items in bulk orders. There is also a market research service that enables the customer to get the latest market information, including current popular products. The customer is also able to access training and support service to help to expand the business. The dashboard is another helpful service offered by Salehoo.

Dropship Suppliers category is where the customer wants to look at if they want to try out dropshipping business. This e-commerce website has more than 1,000 suppliers in its database. The suppliers are already verified so they are trusted. The navigation is not difficult. Filtering suppliers based on the ability to ship worldwide as well as organizing suppliers are made easy in this site.

2. User Fee

Salehoo dropship review in this category is quite favorable. It offers two plans for the user. The first one is annual access where the user will be asked to pay $67 for full access to its services in a full year. It also offers lifetime plan with payment as few as $127. There is a money return guarantee within 60 days after purchase if the user is not satisfied.

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3. Varied Suppliers and Brands

Despite being a moderate size e-commerce site, it already has a variety of brands and suppliers. Online sellers who subscribe to its services can choose from the large pool. Many of the brands are highly established and already have a big amount of loyal consumers.

4. Customer Support and Training

This site is a great place if you are still new in online business. The customer support is available through instant messaging, phone, and email. The Facebook and Twitter accounts are also very responsive in answering user’s questions. To develop new skills in business, the user can also access guides and informational videos. The training includes how to sell successfully on eBay.

5. User Interface

The website has a very trendy look that is pleasing to the eye. Users have reported that it is quite easy to navigate as every single menu has been named aptly. Its featured service, Dashboard, is also equipped with useful menus to enable user managing business more efficiently.

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Hopefully, this Salehoo dropship review is going to help you decide whether to use its services or not.

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