5 Tricks to Get a Luxury Hotel at the Lower Price


Hotel is not only the place where we can sleep but also the place that can be so comfortable, instagramable and accessible. Is it any chance to get a luxury hotel at the lower price especially in Lembongan do you think? Of course it is possible if you try these at least 5 tricks below.

1. Business Hotel is Better

The first easy trick you can do is look into business hotel which usually has great deal. But it is not always at the lower price. You have to consider about the time and the weather season. You must be able to predict when the business hotel is crowded and when it is kinda slow.

2. Book the Flight Ticket and Hotel in Bundle

You must have at least one apps in your phone to handle the traveling stuff. Then, in that apps, you will not only can book the flight ticket but also with the hotel at the same time AKA bundle. It is cheaper than booking it one by one.

3. Tell Them that You are a Blogger or Youtuber or Selebgram

I believe that many of you who read this article are influencer. I know that this is kind of embarrassed to say directly but it is can help you to get the lower price. Simply tell them that you are going to give a review of that hotel in your social media or blog. It does not mean that you are willing to stay there for free. Believe me, they will know how to handle it.

4. Use Apps

Booking the hotel online through the app is so much easier and cheaper than to come directly to the hotel. But, it is not only that. The intention of using an app is also to compare within one apps to another apps. You need to compare the price. Choose the best price offers. Don’t forget to check whether the price included tax or not. It is absolutely not funny if you think that the price is lowest but the tax is so expensive.

5. Be a Voucher Hunter

There are so many ways to get discount voucher or even cashback. You just have to be active in searching it. Ask your friend who is a traveler if it’s needed. The discount voucher is not always from the travel apps. It can be from any other app. So, be a hunter.

Another useful information for you who intended to have a vacation, I suggest you to go to Jungut Batu Beach. Then, if you want to go to Lembongan and do the staycation in Nusa Lembongan hotel, do not forget to apply these tricks!


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