Easy Guide on How to remove eBay from PayPal Account


In the days where online purchases have become the norm, more and more people find it easier and convenient to buy things through the internet. Besides the act of shopping has evolved to turn more into the cyber world, making payment through online transactions is also becoming more popular today.
PayPal is one of the safest online payment systems that anybody could ask for. It is also possible to create several accounts of it and switch between one another. If you wish to change your PayPal account or delete the current one that you have right now, here is the guide on how to remove eBay from the PayPal account.


PayPal has this convenient feature called ‘Quicker checkout’, where you do not need to log into your account to make a transaction in various sites including eBay. To disable this feature, follow easy steps on how to remove eBay from PayPal account below:
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1. Logged into your PayPal account.
2. On the top right of your desktop screen, click on the gear symbol. 
3. The dropdown menu would appear. Select ‘Security’.
4. Choose ‘Checkout’ then click on ‘Update’.
5. Look for the ‘Auto-login’ menu. Disable it for all devices.
6. Save the changes that you made. 
The guide on how to remove eBay from the PayPal account above is meant for the buyers.
If you are a seller on eBay, then keep in mind that even if you do not have an account on PayPal or not logged into it, the payment would still be processed had you accepted the PayPal payment.
To turn off this setting, check the payment system and look for the PayPal logo then disable it.
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After all, PayPal won’t be the main option for payment started in 2020, even if it would remain to be an option on the site. 
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