Step by Step Tutorial on How to Change eBay Into Pounds


eBay is one of the major e-commerce sites that provide services in the various country all over the world. The reason why it receives so much popularity despite the competitiveness amongst online shopping companies is because of its uniqueness that differs from the site from common retailers. eBay offers its consumers the system of the online auction.

tutorial change ebay into pounds


The site also has numerous sellers, so you could compare and examine the products that you want, its price, shipping costs, and the sellers’ feedbacks, no matter where you lived. This guide below will show you how to change eBay into pounds, or any other currency in case you move to the other side of the globe or having your default currency wrong.

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When you signed up on the site for the first time, eBay would ask you about your region or home country to show you items that sold in your currency, from sellers that speak the same language, to offer you the most relevant products and making the shopping experience easier. In case you do not use the currency that you first registered, you can use the following guide on how to change eBay into pounds.

1. Logged into your eBay account and open the ‘Change registration information’ menu.

2. As customers, you only have the option to change your country to match the currency, so change into your current country in the ‘Country’ section.

3. Click on ‘Change registration information’.

4. Click on ‘Submit’ to save the change.

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Remember that despite you have changed your currency by following how to change eBay into pounds guide above; your product listings wouldn’t be limited to the United Kingdom only.

If you are a seller instead of a buyer, then your bill and fees would be listed in pounds, except the unpaid fees in your prior currency even after you change it.

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