Will eBay Remove Negative Feedback? Here is the Answer

Not all e-commerce transactions always go smoothly, including sales through eBay. On some occasions, although as a seller you already follow the rules, one or two problems may arise that make the buyers leave unpleasant feedback. It is inevitable since buyers have various kinds of expectations about the products, shipping costs, times, as well as how the sellers interact with them.
As the feedback affects the reputation of buyers, many of them may wonder ‘will eBay remove negative feedback?’
Although it is possible, some terms and conditions regarding the removal of negative feedback must be met.
how to remove negative feedback on ebay


Will eBay Remove Negative Feedback? The Right Conditions Must Be Met
There are two different cases why the buyers leave negative feedback. First of all, buyers leave unpleasant feedback by mistake. Some of them might have confused you for another seller with whom the deals went awry. The second case is when the buyers deliberately leave a negative review. 
Will eBay remove negative feedback? It depends. Well, eBay has its policies, whether the review considers negative ones or not. Below are the criteria.
Policies Violation
What considers as violating the policies is when the buyers insert links in other pages; give feedback about other deals, and feedback that exposes confidential information, and many more. If they have violated the policies, eBay will remove the review once the buyers report it.
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Unpaid Products on the Buyers’ Account
eBay has a strict rule regarding the products’ payment. Usually, buyers have two days to fulfill the payment, or this case will be brought to the Resolution Center. If the buyers avoid it, they will lose their rights to repurchase the products.
Moreover, if they have not paid the product, but have left unpleasant feedback, eBay will see it as a strong reason for your feedback to be removed.
Buyers Take Part in Other Activities
eBay is quite good at solving issues when the buyers leave a negative review for the wrong sellers. eBay will remove the feedback if they receive a report from the sellers that ask them to do so.
When you encounter such issues, there are two steps you can follow which recommended by eBay.
Hide your feedback
The upside of this option is that you can reduce the impact caused by negative feedback on your product. Meanwhile, the downside is that eBay won’t allow you to upload the other products of yours once you hide your feedback. It would be better if you consider both of the options before you make a final choice.
Request for Help
You can ask for help from eBay, but if you do, you have to complete several things that have arranged and follow the instructions to make sure you do the right process.
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Negative feedback is unpreventable when it comes to selling products in e-commerce, especially eBay as it will affect the sellers’ reputation. Will eBay remove negative feedback? The answer is ‘may’, not ‘will’. Therefore, the sellers are better not to let their hope highs.
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