How to Buy or Sell on eBay under 18? Read These 5 Helpful Tips

eBay is one of the largest marketplaces on the internet and it opens a business opportunity for every one of the appropriate age.
So, what if you’re a minor? Is the opportunity to start your online transactions still available? How to buy or sell on eBay under 18?
Find out about the answer right in the following.


how to buy on ebay under 18


Safety Tips on How to Buy or Sell on eBay under 18
The short answer is: yes, it is possible to sell and buy things on eBay even if you’re underage. However, due to the regulation of the site that requires you to be 18 or older, you have to ask permission from the adult account holder to use their account – thus, they’re being the one who’s responsible for everything that’s done under the account.
After you’re getting permission from the responsible adult, you might ask yourself: how to start the business and how to buy or sell on eBay under 18? Here are some of the tips for the underage
1. Deciding what you’re going to buy and sell
eBay is a site that’s known for its online auction before it ventures to online shopping web. People tend to use it to sell their inventory items such as home decoration, home technology, or gardening accessories. You can try to trade these valuable everyday items.
2. Avoid high-risk items
By using the high-risk term here, it means goods that are known to be problematic and scam-inducing. The best way to do a safe transaction is by avoiding them. Some examples of high-risk goods include luxurious fashion items (high-end clothes, bags, and shoes), smartphones, and electronics.
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3. Prepare your tools
If you have determined to be a seller, you have to own the right supplies for it. Basic items such as listing tools, photography gear, or research aid would be enough for starters. They don’t have to be expensive as long as they work well.
4. Acquire skills of packaging and shipping items
The packaging is amongst the biggest challenges for a new online seller. Luckily, you can watch a lot of written and video tutorials on the internet that shows how to package and ship goods with various material such as bubble wrap or cartons.
5. Know the limits for the seller
eBay always have limitation for all sellers, but it even stricter when it comes to new sellers. The purpose of putting limitation is to prevent fraud. If you are new to the site and selling your stuff for the first time, you might face various limits on your items, category, or account. The good news is, it is possible to request higher limits after you have successfully sent several items to your customers.
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The tips on how to buy or sell on eBay under 18 above might help you to stay safe while doing online trade activities.
You can also ask your parent or knowledgeable adult to avoid unwanted things.
Moreover, it’s also unlikely for teenagers to have their debit cards or credit cards without any type of parental supervision, so you still have to be under an adult’s guardianship on this matter.
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