The Backfire of Our Inventions: Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?


With the incessant development of technology, inventors aspire to minimize human intervention to daily work.

The term artificial intelligence comes as an elaboration that these robots resemble human being’s intelligence to some extent.

However, as earlier said, with more waves of invention grow exponentially; there is this assumption that artificial intelligence will outsmart its creator.

Can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence?

Human vs. Robots: Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?


You may have heard that there will be many jobs replaced with machines and automatons in the years to come. What do you think; can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence?


Despite the optimistic researchers and inventors, parties are worried about the decreasing amount of man’s jobs, leading to a major job crisis. To think about it, such caution is reasonable and can be believed in.


But there are still hopes for a human being – there are parts machines will not be able to outsmart us, human’s finesse in handling a certain job description.

1. Human intelligence is general, while AI is more specific


You may see how Google Assistant performs tasks after getting the prompt. Here, Google Assistant will do things only limited to the input from its voice recognition feature. But, outside the prompt, it cannot provide things we may want on a larger scale.

The term ‘general’ here refers to how wide the ‘intelligence’ can cover and adapt to a problem. Let’s get it real: while Google Assistant can help to search for things on their database based on your voice as input, we humans are far more than that.


Humans can cook, understand how a certain medicine works and what it implies to the patient, and adapt well by wearing a jacket when the weather is getting colder.


2. AI lacks the holistic human viewpoint toward a problem


If we have to say what makes human intelligence won against the other, it is the human’s comprehensive approach to problem-solving.


AI is only able to process inputs and make the outputs as previously designed, while human – with its outstanding brain – combines knowledge with many other ‘ingredients’ to achieve a solution. This will include experience, reasoning, understanding, logic, and a sense of responsibility.

AI-based outputs are rigid since it only allows certain inputs to be correlated with that output. On the other hand, humans tend to recognize many aspects before considering an option as the final solution for a specific problem.


So, how will you answer the question, ‘can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence?


Of course, technological advancement is inevitable.


AI brings many benefits to human’s lives and may even shift human from its throne as the only working force, leading to massive unemployment.


However, there are points AI still lacking at, and to wrap it up, it is safe to say that AI is not possible to turn down human intelligence.


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