Two Inspiring eBay Seller Success Stories that May Inspire You to Start the Business


As e-commerce gets more popular, lots of online sellers are getting their home runs.

Every marketplace owns its success stories.

One of the famous marketplaces is eBay, and it seems no one knows this marketplace since it went public in 1998.

With such long history, it shouldn’t be surprising that eBay seller success stories can be found here and there.

inspirational stories on ebay

eBay Seller Success Stories: Start Easily, Gain Easily Too!

1. Tim Chapman


Shared in 2014, this eBay seller had been an eBay seller for 13 years. He started with selling some stuff from his workplace that wasn’t sold through their usual channels and was amazed by the result. He mentioned, “It was a revelation!” and he even decided to be completely on eBay and walked out from his position as the top salesperson.

Despite his wife and relatives’ objections, Chapman didn’t quit pursuing what he believed in to make a living. He was completely determined, and through ups and downs, he succeeded to convince his wife. Thanks to eBay, his profit was much bigger than his then-existing income. 

But the story doesn’t stop there: he set a routine schedule, listed a constant number of items regularly. Interestingly, such a routine would not make him forget his responsibility as a fellow Christian. Every Sunday, he, along with his family spent his time at church. 

Some of his best-selling products will include deluxe cookware, knives, as well as bibles. But those aren’t all; he also sells speakers, cartridges, and camera lens with a huge gap between the buying and selling price.



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2. Cori O’Steen


Another eBay seller success story comes from O’Steen’s family with their business Upak N Ship. Cori O’Steen was a mom who dreamed of having her own business as she continues to manage her household. With her husband Beau, she runs a packaging company and her perseverance makes Upak N Ship becomes that successful small business that bases their sales on eBay and their websites.

She may not get refusal as Chapman, but her family’s business happens to be greatly impressed with seven thousand shipments per month. Along with their growing business, she started to join the charity, and believe it or not, it boosted her sales like never before.



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Those are two eBay seller success stories that may inspire you.


After knowing their stories, are you interested in making yourself to be the next successful eBay seller?


Having a business may not be everyone’s way to earn a living, and it may be difficult for some.


However, if you know how to handle it, the results will be rewarding.


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