How eBay Guarantee Works: Know this before Asking the eBay Team to Step in


eBay is not something that you have just known for a day or two: it is a renowned online marketplace used by many people worldwide. As a marketplace, it connects sellers and buyers for their selling and buying transactions.

However, these transactions don’t always go smoothly. At times, buyers may not accept the stuff they purchased due to a specific reason. This is where buyers can benefit from the eBay guarantee.


This article will let you know how eBay guarantee works and what it takes before dealing with the processes.

First of all, you should know what the eBay guarantee is. It is often addressed as eBay Money Back Guarantee, which means buyers can retrieve back their money under a certain condition.

This condition is mostly linked to not-delivered, faulty, damaged, or not matching the listings.


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Eligibility requirements


You can apply for eBay Money Back Guarantee when:

  • You, as a buyer, don’t accept the item you’ve purchased.
  • The items do not match the listing, as the sent item(s) is faulty, broken, or damaged.
  • The seller does not complete their return policy.


However, as a buyer, you need to:

  • Complete the purchase on eBay through various eligible payment methods. 
  • Apply for the Money Back Guarantee within the period set (within 30 calendar days post-collection date passed).
  • Clarify that the item you are purchasing isn’t something excluded such as real estate, services, travel tickets, etc. (you can search about this on the official website of eBay).
  • Avoid seeking another resolution method for the issue.  


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How the money-back guarantee may step in


As your question states, how eBay guarantee works, you will need to do this procedure first:

  • If you don’t get the item you’ve paid for, you must report it first. Keep in mind that you need to report about it only if the estimated delivery date has passed.
  • In case the retrieved item isn’t correct, damaged, or matching with the listing, you should try to report it to the seller first. You must do it within three business days after your collection date.
  • If the seller does not respond to your query and report, and both of you cannot reach a midpoint, you may ask eBay to step in. It takes around 3-21 business days after your report for eBay to respond to your report.



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After that, the eBay team will decide the outcome depending on the input they are asking you.

So, it does not always result in your money being refunded. The team must check every detail required to clarify the case.


The bottom line is: it is not a one or two-day-long process, so you need to be patient while dealing with how eBay guarantee works as it may take a long time to work with it.



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