Guide on How to Integrate eBay into WordPress in Easy Steps

116 – Operating and advertising your online store on eBay can be plenty of work. As the competition is getting tighter, it’s also harder to make people notice your goods and service.

One of the strategies is to promote your store on various platforms including blogs like WordPress. If you want to know how to integrate eBay into WordPress, then this article will show you how.

tips trick integrate ebay into wordpress


Integrating your eBay store into your WordPress blog is not really complicated actually, as the platform has a plugin system that you can use.


The guide below will specifically use a plugin called WP-Lister, but you may use another tool of your preference.


This guide will be ideal to follow if you already use the WooCommerce feature in WordPress. The key is to make the plugin to show your eBay listings but through WooCommerce.


This way, the users will be able to make purchases on both platforms. Follow the provided steps below to do so:


  1. Get WP-Lister plugin first, then install and activate the plugin to begin
  2. After the WP-Lister is already activated for eBay, your dashboard will show a new tab of eBay
  3. Open the tab and then select ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Account’
  4. Select the section in which you created the account of eBay, then follow the provided instructions that enable you to link your account to the WP-Lister plugin
  5. Open eBay site and your account, select ‘Profile’ and then ‘Add New’, then set up your profile’s name and select if you want the listings to use an auction or fixed price system
  6. Select the default duration for the listings, and then determine to publish the listings under what category
  7. Next, scroll the page down and select the main payment method accepted
  8. After that, open the tab of WooCommerce and check the box by the items to be listed on eBay. When the selection process is done, go to the drop-down menu and search the ‘List’ option on eBay
  9. Select ‘Apply’ and then your new WP-Lister list will be shown. Select the profile to use on the listings and then choose the menu ‘Apply Profile’


Knowing how to integrate eBay into WordPress and then applying it can be a great move to develop your business.


In the end, blogging platforms like WordPress are really suitable to enhance your business and raise sales numbers, as long as you use the correct integration method.

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