eBay’s International Purchase: How to Buy through eBay Global Shipping?


Enpedia.net – With e-commerce currently getting on fire, international purchase through a globally available marketplace like eBay becomes more and more possible. That said, now you can sell or buy anything from literally anywhere throughout the world.


However, as getting some stuff from abroad means you are importing something to your country; you need to deal with prices that you need to pay to smooth your shipping—like custom and import fees. Regarding this, eBay prepares a program called Global Shipping Program.


What is it and how to buy through eBay global shipping?



What countries are participating in eBay’s Global Shipping Program?


Well, you should know first that the Global Shipping Program (often abbreviated as GSP), is only available for sellers in the UK and the US. Therefore, you should make sure that the seller whose products you want to purchase is residing in any of both countries.


Is the GSP shipping fee more expensive?


While no exact eBay statements mentioned so, some sources stated that GSP shipping is higher. Even one source tells that the shipping price is thrice higher. 

However, you shouldn’t flee just because of this reason. In fact, the pricey cost of the GSP program isn’t merely because of eBay. Domestic shipping cost (from seller’s house to eBay’s international shipping center), international shipping cost, custom and import fees are included in this price as well.

To conclude, GSP is more expensive since you pay the shipping fees (including import charges and other relevant taxes) upfront. eBay will make sure that you won’t be charged anything anymore when the product knocks on your door. So, custom clearance paperwork—sends them a goodbye. 


So, how to do it?


  1. Do you search like you always do when shopping?
  2. Find a seller that participates in eBay’s Global Shipping Program. You will see a logo of GSP attached to the listing. 
  3. Choose GSP as your shipping method, and you will see the total price (item price + total GSP shipping price) on ‘Order details page. 
  4. If you agree to do so, finalize the order by paying it so your order will be processed. Always note that the GSP shipping method cannot deliver the product to a P.O. Box number. 

That sums up the answer of ‘how to buy through eBay global shipping?’


Once you finalize the purchase, your seller will pack your stuff, send it to eBay’s international shipping hub, and the eBay team will then forward it to you.


Of course, all fees have all been counted so you don’t have to pay any additional fees.

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