How are eBay and Amazon Similar? Understanding the Two Major Marketplaces in the U.S

131 – Some people may never take their precious time to think about the answers to this question: ‘how are eBay and Amazon similar?’

After all, it seems like nothing truly distinguishes both of these well-known websites. Both are marketplaces and all of them are offering that kind of platform for sellers to meet their potential buyers.

Plus, sellers can expand their sales worldwide through one single platform. Such a feature will make us admit that the team of both marketplaces is indeed doing an excellent job.

Before knowing what’s more that distinguish the two marketplaces, it’d be better to note down some similarities they make. According to some references, below is what they share in common:


similar ebay vs amazon
How are eBay and Amazon similar?

1. First, both are marketplaces.


Well, nothing explains more than this statement. Both eBay and Amazon are market-like platforms, which enable e-commerce to take place. Sellers can have a place to promote their products and the other end can find what they need too in this platform. When things go well, the transaction happens, and that’s where all parties get what they want.


2. Both are prominent in the States


Interestingly, despite the business model differences, both of them share neck-to-neck popularity. Not only marking its popularity in the country but foreign sellers and buyers can also access the products being sold on the marketplace. Interesting, right?


3. The public can list their products there with a fee


Apparently, there will be no goods in business without costing anything. Both marketplaces let people list their products on their websites. If you plan to do so, you’ll be charged—by it per transaction or per month. The bottom line is, both marketplaces require you to pay some sort of money.


4. Buyers can search through their vast database of products


You can count on both marketplaces to find anything that you need. Be it electronic devices or pet food, kids’ toys, or home furniture, you can find them easily on these platforms. Although the mechanism to buy your stuff can be different, it has never been easier than before to get your things ready only by placing some clicks.


As mentioned before, there are differences that distinguish Amazon from eBay. Amazon tends to be buyer-oriented, while eBay is more seller-oriented. Aside from that, some sources mentioned that Amazon is doing more business with a fixed price, while eBay enables you to conduct some sort of auction—although that’s not always the case. 


Price is actually not much different from one platform to another. But that should not be made as to the similarity of both marketplaces since it doesn’t apply for all products.


That said, knowing the answer of ‘how are eBay and Amazon similar?’ 


Can leave you at ease when it comes to determining which marketplace you should go to.

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