How to Refund eBay through PayPal? Easy Step-by-Step You Can Follow to Return Your Money

120 – Let’s admit it; we cannot always rely on the quality of products purchase from online stores. Well, most of them are coming in a good condition and definitely fulfilled our expectations.


However, that chance of getting a ‘wreck-y’ product has never been zero. What’s worse, due to some reasons, we never get the product we purchased. In that case, as a buyer, you can ask for a refund.


This article will show you about refunding process and, if you are a seller, ‘how to refund eBay through PayPal?’

tips way to refund ebay via paypal


How to refund


Actually, asking for a refund is not that difficult. You can be proactive and ask for a refund from the seller—as long as your item is tangible and the seller is receiving a refund. To smooth your way, make sure you chat with them beforehand to avoid getting into a misunderstanding. Make sure to always be polite, and explain clearly what happened to your items (is it broken, is it not functioning, or you haven’t accepted any product).

After getting into a deal, you can proceed to propose a refund by doing these steps:


  1. Navigate to your eBay personal shopping history.
  2. Next to the stuff in question, click the drop-down menu and choose ‘Return’. Alternately, you can choose ‘Item not received. Make sure to do this within a month (30 days) after delivery.
  3. Clarify that the product is the stuff in question.
  4. Proceed by answering the answers provided and you’ll be redirected to a link. There, you can report your case.

Refund via PayPal

If you’re a seller yourself, it’d never be easier to refund your buyers via PayPal. Here’s how:


  1. Log in to your PayPal account. Then, continue by activating the tab ‘Activity’/
  2. Once the page is finished loading, find the transaction you want to refund. Make sure it does not surpass the PayPal limit of 180 days after you obtain the fund.
  3. Then, click the transaction and find ‘Refund this payment.
  4. Now, you can enter the amount you want to send back to the customer. Be it partially or not, make sure you find a common ground beforehand with your customer. But in default, the amount will be the full total.
  5. Review back the details then click the ‘Issue refund’ button.


According to the aforementioned step-by-step of ‘how to refund eBay through PayPal’, it’d be easier to do a refund if you are the seller.


Asking for a refund—if you are a customer—is a bit tricky since you need to pass all procedures set by the marketplace itself. If lucky, you will finish it within days. If not, you may deal with it for weeks.


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